Architectural Stonework

We build stone structures in both refined and rustic styles. We build fireplaces which can transform a home and be beautiful centerpiece for your family. We also build entry pillars and walls which make a lovely marker of your home or business. We are capable of building whole dwellings, small bridges and other larger structures as well.

Harvest Fireplace

Indiana Limestone
6 feet wide
5 feet tall

This harvest-themed fireplace was hand carved from blocks of buff limestone in varying degrees of relief. The three corbels have alternately a fig bunch, a bundle of wheat and an artichoke in low relief. The crosspiece has a horn of plenty, and the legs have grapevines carved in deep relief. This fireplace suitable for any standard sized fireplace.


Rubble-stone Fireplace

Port Deposit Granite
6 feet wide
5 feet tall

The pieces of rubble-stone are worked by hand to tight fits. The fireplace is capped with a monolithic polished black granite mantle.


Entry Columns

Fieldstone, Slate numbers
7 feet tall
2.5 feet wide

These entry pillars are done with heavily rock-pitched faces to display the stone’s mass and rockiness while also allowing a straight and even building style.


Dry Stone Wall

Mixed granites
70 feet long
2 feet tall

This curved retaining wall was laid in traditional mortarless fashion utilizing only the stones' weight and traditional bonding patterns to give it strength.