Memorials & Commemoratives

Goldner Stone Works hand-draws and hand-carves all of our letters for clarity and gracefulness. Full sculpture as well as relief sculpture can create dramatic results on a memorial or commemorative.

Birthday Plaque

Indiana Limestone
10 inches tall
12 inches wide

Made as a gift for a Rabbi who is a friend of GSW. The Hebrew letter Mem is incised and gilded. Mem is the letter for the number 40--for his 40th birthday and also the first letter of his name.


Traditional Headstone

Vermont Purple Slate
46 inches tall
20 inches wide
2.5 inches thick

This slate headstone has a riven surface, which means that the face retains the natural cleavage and texture. The letters and ivy vines are incised, and the relief of a dove-in-flight is carved within a circle to reflect the top curve.



Tennessee Pink Marble
36 inches wide
28 inches tall
6 inches thick

This client wanted this stone to be rough and natural, but also liked very finely carved letters. We suggested a compromise of creating the outside of the stone as a rough boulder and then leveling and polishing the center so that high quality lettering could be created.