We create public and private sculptures, and it is here that we can deliver the most complete range of possibilities.


Wisconsin red granite
Polished mask, helmet, armor
30 inches tall

The clients had bought and renovated a city home and decided to create an understated Japanese garden in muted colors of grey river rock, bluestone pavers and beige bamboo. However, they wanted a stroke of intense color at the center to give some warmth. We presented two concepts to address the Japanese style and the desire for color: a samurai in colored granite or a pink marble conch shell. The samurai was the more daring option and was their choice. After consulting with us they chose red granite on the strength of its durability and color. The next step was to research samurai armor for details and accuracy, and then a rough clay model was made. Upon approval from the client the sculpting of this very hard stone began.


Mount Marxmore

Barre Grey Granite
4.5 feet long
3 feet tall
2 feet deep

This homage to the legendary comedians is a joke of its own — a slice of humor carved in stone!


Boxing Star

Indiana Limestone
56 inches tall
48 inches across

This piece shows the explosiveness of boxing. The gloves emerge from a star whose energy is expressed by how it pierces the structure of the sculpture, "breaking up" the stone itself at the edges and base.