Signage & Markers

We hand-draw and hand-carve all of our letters for clarity and gracefulness. Our signs convey high quality and character for the businesses and institutions they represent. We also produce markers for private homes with addresses, street and family names. Relief sculpture and decorative borders add distinction and beauty.

Boxing Gym Sign

Virginia Slate
44 inches tall
20 inches wide
2.5 inches thick

This sign was made for a well-known boxing gym in West Philadelphia. The gym has many successful trainers and fighters and prides itself on its connection to boxing history, its current successes and its service to the surrounding area in helping young men to be productive with their aggressions. After meeting with the owner, we decided that something sharp and modern yet also “old-school” would be the correct fit for the gym. The boxing figure, which is in relief, is made in the style of a 19th century silhouette to evoke the look of old fight-posters. The final embellishment was to gild the letters and background in 23k gold leaf---adding an element of flashiness to help the gym with its mission to attract young men off the street and into the ring.


Family Name and Date Stone


This hand-carved plaque was made to be set in a wall to mark the date of a newly-completed home.


Address Stone

Grey Granite
12 inches wide
10 inches tall

This piece features a polished surface and hand-carved letters.


Kennel Plaque

Virginia Slate
24 inches wide
12 inches tall

The breeders of a uniquely beautiful line of Labrador Retrievers wanted a plaque for their kennel with an outline of one of the dogs. We worked with them to figure out the features which would represent the lovely animals they breed. The letters are deeply incised and painted white as is the outline.