Small Gifts

We create small stone gifts which are made with the same skill and care of our larger projects--but on a smaller scale. These gifts being smaller are typically less costly as well and therefore suitable for regular gifts.

Sabbath Candlesticks

Tennessee Marble
7 inches tall

These two candlesticks are carved from a single block of stone with geometric shapes emerging out of the rough bases. The Hebrew letters carved are the first letters from the biblical words to "keep" and "remember" the sabbath.


Marriage Plaques

Virginia Black Slate
10 inches wide
5 inches tall

These three slate plaques were commissioned by a young bride-to-be. She called us and asked if we engraved bricks. She went on to say that the bricks were to be a present to her fiance, a soldier in the US army, to symbolize the foundation of their marriage with the words Faith, Love and Trust carved on them. We suggested that instead of brick she use slate because very fine letters can be incised in slate. We also recommended that she use a different letterform appropriate for each word.



Indiana Limestone
18 inches long
18 inches tall

This garden ornament is an example of the type of small carvings we can create.